Self Love Is A Healthy Love

Food heals and food can hurt us. We all know in some capacity that to be true. In today’s climate of fast and boxed food that can be filled with toxic and unnecessary chemicals, it’s best to eat for optimal health.

Eating for your health is an act of self-love because you are taking the time to make sure that everything you put into your system is healthy and absolutely good for you. That shows family and friends that you care about yourself and them. They know that you are taking care of yourself and that you will be around for a long time because of your healthy choices. You also influence other around you too. They will be more willing to live that lifestyle that you have chosen for yourself.

And yes, healthy eating is a lifestyle. It goes along with exercise. You will have the energy because you eat great. I’ve always considered my lifestyle healthy. I’m also an active person and yet I decided to become a vegan and it was the best decision ever.  This is the ultimate act of self-love.

The Beginning

I have every sickness in my family you can think of. High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, etc, all things due to lifestyle and diet. I remember when I was younger seeing more than one family member take multiple medicines for their sicknesses. I was just like NO. I don’t want that for when I get older. I joined a gym and have been a member ever since. But working out is great, but when you aren’t following thru with the correct diet, how much help are you really doing for yourself?

For the past 3 years, I have been a vegan and so many changes for the good have happened.

Vegan Effects

With exercise (running) and veganism the ailments I had disappeared. I had awful acne (that I took medicine for), eczema on my neck and arms and a few extra pounds. With vegan eating I was able to make the acne and eczema disappear completely. The pounds started to come off without any effort.  I’ve also found that I feel more clear headed and I sleep better. My other vegan friends have noted the same thing. In the mornings, I hop out of bed. I remember when I used to eat meat and heavy meals; I had to drag myself out of bed in the mornings. Waking up clear headed gives you a happy head start to your day.  You have lots of energy because you are feeding yourself with good things.

Vegan life

Believe it or not, I read books on being a vegan for about 6 months before I decided to do it. That was a good thing. I didn’t tell anyone. One day I just did it. I didn’t pick a certain day. All of the things that I wanted to cut out of my diet were out of my home and I vowed not to buy and eat them anymore. I’ve never gone back either. I know many people that try it and go back. I can say that reading those books before hand helped a lot. It helped me prepare so I had better success with it. No preparation is what gets people. I had a guy tell me he lived on ramen noodles for a month as a vegan. He said he was sick because of being a vegan. I pointed out it was because of the high sodium ramen noodles.

Self-love (Become a vegan)

For a successful journey into healthy eating you need to do the following:

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Go to the library and borrow some books on nutrition and veganism. When your family and friends find out they will have a million questions for you. They will be worried sometimes when they see you eating differently.  You will have the answers for them and yourself. While you are at the library get some cookbooks!  The majority of people fail because they say that there is never anything to eat! That is so far from the truth! I cook so much delicious vegan food, sometimes I have people asking me to make plates to sell! Get cookbooks look through them all. Look for items of food that you already eat.

BE open-minded. The greatest failure I see with people is that they are not willing to try new and different fruits and vegetables. That is key to your success. Spices too! If you see a dish that looks good and do not know what the ingredients are- Google them. If there is a fruit or vegetable in the supermarket you do not know how to cook or EAT, take the name and go look it up. The internet makes it easy.  Also, there are recipe applications online that will increase or decrease the size of your dish for you so you can try it out solo or try it with the family.

The most important part- have a support system. Join Black vegan groups on social media, follow vegans on instagram, (I actually follow vegan body builders).  Take pictures of yourself. You will see a change over the months. Even if you feel great now, still do it.

And if you are letting your family and friends know that this is now your food journey, ask them to be respectful, loving and patient towards you. Let them know this is YOUR expression of self love. You never know who will be watching, so go forth with a smile. You never know who may join you on your journey.